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Regarding Roleplay in Aosagi

How strict is the roleplay in Aosagi?
Is it based on actual events in Japans history or is it completely fictional?

This is an excellent question. So let me give the short answer first and then the overall concept.

No, we would not expect a strict reenactment of historical events, like the Battle of Gettysburg, with scripted troop movements and scheduled attacks.
Yes, we would expect an organized roleplay to be based on Edo period culture and events, but not necessarily follow them. So as an example, two samurai clans may choose to meet on a field of combat to settle a dispute. The names of those houses and the nature of their dispute may not exist in history. But the elements of that scenario would exist in history.

Now to break it down from simple to complex:

Type 1) Simple roleplay: A sole player. A person is in character and interacts with their environment accordingly. A wandering monk begs for food and stops to meditate. A fisherman sits by the stream. A visitor walks thru the gardens of the hanamachi and greets the geisha in passing. This is the most common roleplay in SL.

Type 2) Community roleplay: A group of players. A group maintains a community, living and working in that environment. Each part of that community has its own purpose that serves the common goal. The Tea houses provide entertainment to established clients and visiting guests. The Okiya provides lodging and training for the geiko community. The Kabuki theatre hosts performances by players locally and from other communities. This is the roleplay that is the basis for Aosagi.

Type 3) RPG Scenarios: Teams of players. A goal oriented game scenario is described and agreed upon. Organized teams play on each side. The players agree to a set of rules governing the scenario. In a land combat role play it may be based on whose leader is captured first, or how many survivors remain, or who is the last man standing. In a sea combat role play it may be based on whose ship still floats or whose ship is captured. In a tournament roleplay, honors and award may be given for excellence displayed, such as in archery, swordsmanship, or sailing. This type of roleplay is common to RPG specific sims.

Now, how does that work in Aosagi?
Currently we are engaged in Type 2, community role play with residents and resident groups.
We regularly have visitors engaged in Type 1, sole roleplay, acting in character with the community.
We are in the process of developing Type 3, RPG scenarios, to engage action oriented roleplay groups.

One that is in progress is a merchant trading scenario where ships from other ports dock in Dejima Harbor and offload goods. Before they arrive here, they may have engaged in sea battle to defend their cargo. While they are here, they may be attacked while docking or unloading at port. Additionally the same events can occur for the ships picking up the cargo later.

Now here are the considerations:
1) We must make certain that the RPG scenario fits into the Edo Period and into our community.
2) Existing communities may not be disturbed unless they are specifically included in the RPG scenario.
3) Fighting may only occur in designated areas.

Here are the benefits:
Our community is a backdrop to all events that go on.
Entertainment can be provided with sufficient advance notice thru the Geiko community.
Groups can meet and discuss while in the NO-COMBAT areas such as the Gion Kobu Hanamachi.
Space can be arranged for practice areas or as temporary command centers in the Shiro Yama Dojo’s.

Regarding specific scenarios:
An RPG needs committed players to support it.
The best place to start is to describe what you would like to do personally.
Then we build on the core idea, adding events that support this activity.
Present the roleplay to the resident community for their suggestions.
Publish the RPG scenario and rules on this site.
Recruit players who also enjoy the described scenario.
Schedule the event.

I look forward to events as they unfold.


Silicant Tungsten

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