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SLTV Japan Showcases Aosagi Estates

Takeru Titanium, Kinoco Pelliot, and Maico Pearl

2011-03-07 SLTV Japan Showcases Aosagi Estates
Today the SLTV Japan News Crew came to Aosagi and toured the estate, visiting Gion Kobu Hanamachi, Higashi Hikari and Ookuma Han. I want to thank Clione Clary and Monty Talbot for their help over the last few years to make this happen.

Sunday, Kinoco Pelliot came to preview the estate for the broadcast today. We talked at great length and she picked those locations that would be good for the show. All of our residents were instructed to not approach the broadcast crew and not to follow them. But to pretend they were not there. This is a very difficult thing to do when people walk up to you and ask you questions. I want to thank Anom Lapis, BarbaraEllen Galsworthy, and Mulan Singh for their restraint and tact while the crew was filming. Mulan deserves extra thanks for not giggling while the robot tried to play her Koto.

Here are the links to the Japanese Blog, the Google® translated Blog, and the Broadcast of SLTV Japan’s “Beautiful Places in SL” showcasing Aosagi Estates.

SLTV Japanese Blog:

Google® Translated Blog:

SLTV Japan’s Broadcast:

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